Let’s Hear it for the Girl

Ted Talk:

In this Ted Talk, Monica Lewinsky shows her audience just how hurtful words can be. Based on her own experience, it’s not a surprise that she stayed hidden and silent for so many years- being shamed by millions of strangers online and off would make anyone want to go away. But this video brings up an important point about cyberbulling and for the sake of this blog- woman. Why is it okay for people to call women tramps, whores and sluts?  We all remember the Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke episode at the 2013 VMAS (Watch here). Why is she more to blame than Thicke? She, of course, was the one labeled the “whore” for even dancing with him. However, Robin Thicke is the grown man who went through the rehearsals and saw what was happening and as a grown man chose to accept it and go along with it. So was is Miley the only one being labeled badly? No one wants to see her as the one starting charities for the homeless youth or the one releasing free albums to her fans.   

 Why do we as a society feel the need to label other girls as whores even though we are all in this world together. This easily accessible Ted Talk demonstrates the permanence of the Internet and how words, no matter if they are hidden behind computers, hurt and can completely destroy people’s lives and reputations. 


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