Photoshopping Beauty

The problem with real life and photoshopped magazine covers is that many people can’t tell the difference.  Women’s bodies and faces are plastered over these covers with headings that read something about pleasing a man and another telling the reader it will give the “real story” about the face on the cover. Although some magazines are really empowering, many show the same headlines:

The problem with these covers are the people who see them and cannot tell that these women and men are photoshopped and that these bodies and faces are not real, but edited and framed to fit the standard of beauty these magazines create.   

As Jennifer Siebel Newsom states, “Exposure to celebrity drama and the implicit acceptance that this type of behavior is normal can have a real impact on the way girls behave and interact with each other in their own lives, It’s important that girls learn to recognize what’s real and what’s manipulated to attract eyeballs and viewers.”(Read more about Dove self-esteem project)

It is also important to take into consideration when distinguishing photoshop with reality is the standards and norms it sets up for young children.  Young girls can look at these covers and want to look like these women because they have no other reality of what a woman should look like. 

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Women like Jennifer Lawerence have spoke out against the amount of Photoshop and they all say the same thing: We are beautiful without it.



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