Narrative for the Girls

I have always been an observer, I love looking at people and trying to understand what they are feeling and what made them become the person that they are. When I first created my Myspace page in the summer of seventh grade (under the watching eyes of my mother), I was hooked. The Internet soon became a safe haven for me, to me everything felt safer and the fantasy of the Internet soon overcame reality. 

I started spending all my time on the computer, doing nothing but looking at pictures and social media. I have always been shy, so talking to people through a screen became easy for me. I would wake up and run to the computer, hoping to get to it before my brothers woke up to play a video game on it. It began to consume my young teenage life.

The fantasy land of the Internet is not always a good thing.  The problem is not everything on the Internet is real or true. In addition, there are so many new ways to hurt a person.  Girls on Instagram and other social media are constantly slut shamed for their posts, and even though it is behind a screen their words are destructive.  Below is just one example that I was able to find immediately:



But that’s not forget about Twitter, where people can make accounts that focus on just slut-shaming women:


What a meninist is I’m still sure but in any case this Twitter account shows the Internet in its truest form.  People can post and comment on anything and because people are not researching what is real and what is not they are believing it. Society seems to be making their own reality because new media has allowed them to lose contact with the real world in order for reality to begin imitating the model. No wants to really know the reality of the world because everyone would rather focus on their attention the fascination with their own reality.  

Even today when I go on social media parody accounts like Meninist take up my entire timeline.  It’s sad to me that people will blow up an issue just for the sake of it. Donald Trump can tell a woman that he would like to see her on her knees and implies that Megyn Kelly was on her period  (Read article here) for asking tough questions during a debate and he’s still allowed to run for president? His face is plastered all over social media even though he is a bully in the presidential election.  

 These days it seems that it is much easier to hide behind a screen.  People are bullied constantly online and what people are reading online are constantly affecting their own thoughts and beliefs.  Although it is 2015, the word feminist still carries a negative connotation, even though it’s definition is simply to have equal treatment to men.  


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